TOTAL RAISED : £7572.85

Hi Ladies and Gents
The grand total raised was £7572.85 and 4 US cents, 11 Bermuda Cents, 15 Euro Cents, 50 Canadian Cents and 1 Rand!
This beats last year by nearly another £500.
Amazing day and amazing total!

Total Raised

I know people are keen to review the Fair and discuss on what and how much we donate to good causes.

I’m trying for a date sometime in August and just waiting for
confirmation of the Halls availability, its a busy place these
days, which is really great to see.

The main purpose of the meeting is of course deciding what to do with the money.

Each year as the main purpose of the Fair is to fund the upkeep of the Hall, £2,500.00 is allocated, and I expect this to be the same
this year.

That leaves the discussion/decision as to what to donate to and what amount to donate.

A range of very good causes have been chosen in the past and several have become regular favourites.

The Cancer outreach charity at Kingsbridge Hospital has drawn unanimous
support these past two years and I would expect it to be at the top of the list again this year.

In terms of the committee decision making process, this year as last year I would invite your ideas for good causes to me by email ahead of the meeting. This way the ideas can be published in advance so due thought and consideration can go into each suggestion, rather than a hasty show of hands on the night. Just like Brexit, we want to get it right on the night?!*

This way those who have not been able to make the meetings in the past get their say also, so please everyone suggest your good cause or causes and your reason for choice in the first place.

It is proposed only suggestions for donations published ahead of the meeting ought to be discussed on the night and voted on. Any ideas that are not communicated before the meeting will be considered at a follow up meeting if needs be. BUT remember, we might not have any money left by then, so I urge everyone to take a minute or two and let me know where you would like to see the money go.

I very much look forward to hearing from everyone.

PS If there are new people to add to this emailing list please let me have the details.

Heres to a good meeting sometime in August I hope..will keep you posted in the next 48 hours, so keep an eye out.

BY THE WAY,,,,,,,,, a brilliant effort by all this year yet again, the team work delivered, new volunteers always welcome….

Regards, Mike

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